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family style sharing

Our speciality style of catering, Family Style Sharing offers a relaxed dining experience with all the perks of table service.

Meals come served in beautiful big bowls and platters, and on oak and olive wood boards to make a stunning center-piece for your tables.

individually plated

The tried-and-true style of service for a wedding, with a full retinue of front of house staff to serve, clear, and look after your guests throughout the meal. For traditionalists we have classic menus, or if you are looking for something a bit different, try one of our individually plated menus with a twist. 


feast tables

Feast table weddings are ideal for those who want their guests to have lots of choice, without the hassle of deciding for them! We set up the feast tables, then guests are able to collect the food themselves, coming back for seconds (and thirds, and even fourths!)

picnic & afternoon tea

With gorgeous handmade food, and the option for well-made classics and interesting bites with a twist, our picnic & afternoon tea weddings are the perfect choice for a relaxed and rustic wedding. These are also the most economical weddings we offer. 



Starters & Antipasti

Evening Food

Desserts & Petits Fours


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