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Hog Roasts

Slow cooked juicy pork with lots of crispy crackling


Served with fresh rolls, homemade apple sauce, stuffing, our own BBQ, chilli and Carolina style sauces as well as brand name condiments

Cooked and served on site by our professional chefs using all our own equipment and marquees.

We also do whole Lamb roasts, and mixed roasts.


+ Prices

Whole hog from the Midlands

Up to 110 people: £780

Up to 140 people: £860

Up to 180 people: £1000

Mixed Roast: Beef, Pork, Turkey

Up to 50 people: £570

Every additional person: £8

Rare breed Derbyshre whole hog hand reared at Smith Hall Farm

Up to 100 people: £900

Up to 140 people: £1080

Up to 180 people: £1210 

Whole lamb from Derbyshire

Up to 50 people: £700



We can cook almost anywhere, and have cooked in some pretty crazy places. We generally need to be able to drive to within 20m of where we are cooking and we need a space to put our 3x3m (10ftx10ft) marquee that we cook under. 

We also need to be able to roll our oven from the van to the site, which is 70cm wide and 2m long

We will require electricity. We bring our own 20m extension cable, and the usage is low (generally 600w for the spit).

Dietary requirments

If requested we will supply 12 portions of vegetarian/vegan sausages free of charge

We can supply GF rolls for £4 for four.


If we are not made aware of someones allergies before the event date, we may not be able to serve them.


All our hog roasts are served in biodegradable cartons and napkins with wooden cutlery.



Whatever you event, we come with all the equipment, great tasting food and accompniaments.


We source all our meat from local butchers, and make all our marinades and sauces in house.

Gourmet BBQ Pick + Mix £19.95

Pick any 3 options:

Pork chops, ribs and belly

- American ribs, with smoked hickory rub and BBQ sauce

- Himalayan ribs, Nepalese spiced rub and sticky sweet glaze

- Kentucky BBQ pulled pork with buttermilk slaw

- Sticky sweet chilli glazed pineapple marinated pork belly

- Grilled chorizo with onions and peppers (cous cous)

- Greek pork steak marinated in oregano and lemon with feta

- Vietnamese style pork steak, cucumber, coriander and sriracha

 Sausages and dogs

- 6 Inch hotdog butchers sausage

- lamb dog with Icelandic slaw and mustard

- 6 inch beech wood and chilli hotdog

- bratwurst with beer onions and cheese

- a proper Cumberland ring


- Chicken breast fillet with light lemon and thyme marinade

- Jerk chicken

- Yuzu honey dressed chicken leg

- Moroccan spiced lamb leg with cous cous

- Yogurt and rosemary marinated lamb leg


- 6 oz Steak burger with cheddar cheese

- Lamb burger with feta and mint

- Guinness burger with emmentaal in a muffin

- Stilton and steak patty with homemade BBQ sauce 


Steaks and chops:

Steaks are 28 day aged British beef

- Rump (4oz*) +£4

- Sirloin (4oz*) +£5

- Fillet (4oz*) +£7

- Barnsley chop (8oz*) +£6

  *bigger sizes available upon request

Set Menu 1
 £15.95   (50 people or more)

- Grilled chicken in piri piri marinade

- Smokey 5 hour pulled pork with tangy buttermilk slaw

- Proper Cumberland ring sausage

Set Menu 2
 £15.95   (50 people or more)

- Lemon and thyme marinated chicken leg

- Sweet chilli glazed pork belly

- 6inch butchers sausage hotdog



- Coleslaw, potato salad and green salad


- Rosemary and  garlic roasted new

   potatoes £1pp

- Corn cobbette £1.5

- Elotes: Meixcan style cobbette, with chilli, lime and cheese £1.5

- Chicken wings + blue cheese dip £1.5

- Full list of all homemade sides / salads 


- Biodegradable plates and wooden

   cutlery 20p

- Plate, knife, fork £1

- Glassware 50p

- paper napkins (included)



Any serious allergies must be made known to us at least 1 week before the event, as we will try to not bring any of that substance to the event

Any known intolerances should also be made known to us at least 1 week before the event, so we can try to adapt any recipes. Gluten free rolls are available for £4 for four.

Vegetarians / Vegans

We need to know the numbers of vegetarians and vegans 1 week before the event.

We will substitute each item with quality bought or homemade items


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