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feast tables

How does it work?

Feast table weddings are ideal for those who want their guests to have lots of choice, without the hassle of deciding for them! We set up the feast tables, then guests are able to collect the food themselves, coming back for seconds (and thirds, and even fourths!)

Feast tables can also be a very budget friendly option, when all courses are served this way, as we are able to reduce the amount of staff we bring, and reflect that in your costs. 


paella feast

Pintxos grazing table


Chicken and chorizo paella

Red pepper, nectarine, balsamic salad

Bibb lettuce and herb salad

Bread selection

Mussels in tomato sauce

Grilled cauliflower and romesco

Artichoke, kalamata and broard bean paella


Petits fours

midlands carvery

Hearty canapes

Marmalade glazed ham
Butter basted turkey
Roast Derbyshire topside
Sage and onion stuffing
Roast potatoes
Cheese and cauliflower gratin
Braised red cabbage
Yorkshire puddings
Proper gravy

Cranberry, apple, horseradish sauce

vegetarian option
Petits fours

italian feast

Charcuterie and cheese selection


Lasagne with slow cooked beef and pork ragu

Creamed artichoke, and spinach savoury crostata with 

beetroot and hazlenut balls

lemon and thyme lamb meatballs, sugo

Cauliflower putanesca

Grilled vegetable platter

rocket, pecorino, balsamic



more ideas

British BBQ classics

Seafood / rabbit paella

Hog roast Carvery

Greek meze / middle eastern mezze


Katsudon and other donburi

Thai skewers, salads, curry and rice



Starters & Antipasti

Evening Food

Desserts & Petits Fours


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