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family style sharing

How does it work?

Our speciality style of catering, Family Style Sharing offers a relaxed dining experience with all the perks of table service. Meals come served in beautiful big bowls and platters, and on oak and olive wood boards to make a stunning center-piece for your tables.


This style of meal is very flexible, so can be made to fit your desires - perhaps you'd prefer to start with sharing antipasti-style startersAlternatively, we can serve everything as one big meal, with more dishes being brought to the table as soon as they are ready, so everyone can indulge to their hearts content.


family roast

British antipasti selection


Super local grass fed angus rump roast

Leek and wholegrain mustard gratin

Buttered peas

Honey glazed carrots

Roast potatoes

Proper gravy

roast lamb mezze

Cold mezze,

dips and breads


Five hour, fork tender lightly spiced yoghurt marinated lamb shoulder

Saffron, almond and apricot wedding rice

Aubergine, walnut and pommegranate fesenjan

Halloumi, black lime and grape salsa

Orange, olive and feta salad

gourmet bbq

Picnic grazing table


Grass fed local bone in ribeye sharing steak

Salmon side, sweet chilli, avocado, pea shoots

Chargrilled summer vegetables and corn

Rosemary roasted new potatoes

Hierloom tomatoes, cucumber, watercress dressing

Chimmichurri and horseradish crème

indo inspired bbq tapas

Large canapes of local made samosas 


Pineapple glazed ribs with Himalayan rub

Coconut marinated peanut chicken

Chilli, lime and corriander corn

Paneer tikka


Lime-chilli sour cream

Grilled romaine, dill raita dressing

BBQ butternut with cumin and nigella

Vada pav sliders

roman sharing plates

Italian antipasti grazing table


Foccacia, cultured fava bean butter

Roman chicken with ginger and almond

risotto funghi

Pecan gorgonzola and apple ‘meat’ balls, polenta cocoa nib

Baked ricotta with bay and honey

Broadbeans, artichoke and peas, olive pangatatto

Courgettes with lemon caper dressing

Potato and taleggio fried ravioli

Slow roast carrots with cream and herb sauce


Italian roast porchetta

Oregano and preserved lemon chicken

Rump, sirloin or chateaubriand

BBQ skewers selection

Greek meze

Butterflied BBQ lamb leg

Roast venison haunch

Vegan modern British tapas

Mexican (or texmex or fusion) taqueria

And more...



Starters & Antipasti

Evening Food

Desserts & Petits Fours


Wedding Table Setting
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