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evening foods

How does it work?

Keep your guests happy throughout the evening with our delicious selection of evening foods. We have two types of evening food for you to choose from, festival stands or cheese boards. 
From tacos to takoyaki, we love food festivals and trucks! Our festival stands are inspired by those, and are a great way to add some excitement to your evening.

Napoli and foccaccia style pizza with Italian toppings (including Nutella!)

Festival Stands

mac & cheese

Gooey, stringy and cheesy, topped with pulled pork, chorizo or garlic mushrooms


Perfect night food, steaming bowl of noodle broth with all the toppings and fixings


We find chicken and chorizo is a crowd pleaser, with crusty breads and salad

rice & three

Manchester classic: three great curries with rice, bhajis and chutneys


Slow roasted spiced lamb, chicken or mushrooms with flatbreads, salads and sauces

pie & mash

Beef + ale, chicken + tarragon, goat cheese + spinach, gravy and mushy peas 


We are ramen obsessed! what's your favourite? Tonkotsu, shio, shoyu or miso?


6 hour slow cooked chili using whole cuts of beef brisket, ancho and chipotle chillies

british bbq

Marinated chicken, proper butchers sausages, and steak burgers


Wurst selection, roast chicken, sauerkraut and potato salad - perfect with beer!


Tex mex style street food sized tacos with several fillings, salsas and toppings  

thai bbq

Pork and lemongrass, chicken satay and vegetable skewers, papaya salad and coconut rice

japanese street food

Selection bowl of sticky rice, edamame, gyoza, karage, and miso glazed corn


The Canadian classic, roast potatoes, cheese curds, gravy and toppings

Cheese Boards

family favourites

Good selection of great cheeses, could include:


Farmhouse chedder, Smoked chedder, mango ginger wenslydale, stilton, camembert, brie


Super local selection that could include:

Dovedale blue, Sage Derby, cheadleton, colwick, real red leicster

artisanal british

Big flavour cheeses, generally unpasteurised and properly aged. Our favourites include:


Montgomery cheddar, baron bigod brie, Colston Bassett blue


So many good cheeses to choose from:

Gorgonzola, manchego, Brie, Camembert, comte, taleggio, momolette, smoked scamorza



Starters & Antipasti

Evening Food

Desserts & Petits Fours


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