Here is a list of our favouite desserts that we think work well at a wedding.

We can make (almost) any dessert, so if you have a favourite please tell us; however, hot desserts tend to cost more as we need more equipment.

Individual Desserts
  • Roast pineapple, sake, sesame praline and coconut cranachan

  • Honey, ginger, yoghurt and blueberry mess

  • Passionfruit crème pot with mango and chocolate

  • Malteaser panna cotta with milk jam and strawberries

  • Lemon posset, raspberries and pine nuts

  • Cooling semi frozen berries with white chocolate mousse

  • Earl grey panna cotta with cherries and Turkish delight

  • French apple tart, apple and plum compote and rich vanilla gelato

Sharing or Individual
  • Pear, chocolate and almond tart with ginger cream

  • Ricotta cheesecake, oats, almonds and peaches

  • Mangomisu – tiramisu but mango layers and no coffee

  • Tarte au citron, fruits, whipped crème fraiche and lime

  • Banoffee and pecan cheesecake

  • Classic Bakewell tart

  • Chocolate cheesecake, raspberry coulis, cardamom shortbread crumb

  • Miso butterscotch banana split

  • Summer pudding (sharing only)

  • Scones, clotted cream, seasonal jam and fruits




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