Festival Weddings

How do festival weddings work?

Festival weddings offer a huge range of options for a DIY wedding. The two main options are:

1. For a truly festival vibe, we suggest having a small eating area with a festival stand that completely changes menu 2 or 3 times across the day and night, ofereing your guests a range of food items as and when they please. 

2. For a more sophisticated affair we suggest having antipasti grazing tables with a long reception, one of our big feast tables for your wedding breakfast, followed by an ice cream cart or similar, and a festival stand in the evening

If these options are not for you, then our sharing style meals in the day and festival stand in the evening is always a good bet.

Festival Courses

Great food, super chill atmosphere

Mix and match and make the day your own!

Antipasti grazing

Let your guests treat themselves to a table full of freshly sliced meats, cheeses and nibbles

Big feast


Big spreads of mouthwatering family favourites



That authentic festival feel; big flavours from around the world