Hog Roasts in Derbyshire

Greedy Pig Catering offers outdoor catering services in Derbyshire that won’t break the bank. Impress your guests with a delicious hog roast for your outdoor event.
All Day Pig Roast, including one pig from £680 (feeds 150-180 people).

Imagine the succulent smell of hot roast pork, dripping with apple sauce and stuffing wafting around your garden, and everything taken care of. Greedy Pig Catering makes sure that this is what you get. Great food, great prices and service with a smile. A whole pig is cooked on site and takes approximately 6 hours to cook. To ensure that your meat is cooked in complete safety, our hog roasters are powered by large gas burners that provide a safe and constant cooking temperature throughout the cooking period. We test the meat regularly to ensure the meat is thoroughly cooked before carving.

Our chef takes care of cooking your pig to perfection, then carves and serves to your guests with apple sauce, stuffing and freshly baked rolls to complement.
We realise that pork may not be to everyone’s taste or culture, so we can base your main meat around beef, lamb or chicken, to suit your requirements. We use fresh prime meats from selected sources, spit roasted to perfection in a gas spit roast oven. Our meats are sourced from Derby farmers, so if you are interested in having a hog roast in Derbyshire, you’ll know that your food has been sourced locally.

Start times for carving the pig must be adhered to or a £15.00 per hour charge will be levied.

Email greedypigcatering@gmail.com if you are interested in a hog roast in Derbyshire. Whether you need a hog roast in Derbyshire for a wedding, party, family event or business conference, Greedy Pig would be very happy to provide the catering services.